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Remembering my WHY!

I could start my very first blog by writing something really profound, but the truth of the matter is, deep down I am a just a bit old fashioned and I don't like all that 'fluff'. I come from a very matter of fact background, where either something IS, or it ISN'T...very little room for a grey area, so to speak. But my upbringing in this no nonsense frame of mind has also made me very resilient, not least because I grew up in a deprived area, and my earliest memories are that of those pertaining to poverty, crime, drugs and violence. Thankfully, my mother is very intelligent and the first chance she got to 'get us out of there', she took it - I was circa 7 years old. She knew she wanted more - for her, and her children. Now don't get me wrong, I was never directly a victim of, or linked to the aforementioned issues, but I could have fallen into that trap had we stayed put, particularly because I am, as my mother would say, 'like a dog with a bone' when I start doing something! I keep going until it is done, and seldom do I give up!

As I got older, I witnessed my mother working hard in several low paid jobs, whilst studying to make ends meet. My step-dad, who came into my life when I was aged 8, was a Factory Worker, as was my biological dad. I had some aunties and uncles who were in a very similar financial situation, and conversely, some who I thought were rich! It was this disjointed view of the world and money, that really impacted my mindset.

I still remember turning 16 and being told I needed to get a job. The thing is, it took very little persuading as I actually WANTED a job. I wanted my own money, and not to have to rely on my parents. It was this job that set me up for life. I worked long hours for very little money, but I appreciated every penny!

It was within this job I also met my now say 2004 changed everything for me, is a complete understatement.

Contrary to my upbringng, despite living only a short drive from me, my husband's family were not particularly rich when he was growing up, but it soon became apparent to me that he did not encounter the same level of poverty as I. This balanced experience has stayed with us, and fast forward to the present day and our work ethic and drive is something we are wanting to pass onto our two children.

Ultimately, family is everything to me, and they are my WHY!

They are the reason I quit the rat race...the working all hours, being on call, not knowing whether I would have a decent pension....the list goes on - but I wanted more.

However, when I started DAY'S Recruitment, it was not only for the love of my family, but also for helping others. I thoroughly enjoy seeing people develop, and being able to do this on my terms is such a huge bonus. Thankfully, several months after starting DAY'S Recruitment, I joined forces with my now business partner, Rob, to launch a learning and development company! More on that in a later blog... but for now, thank you for reading and I shall 'see you' next time.

Catherine Day

Founder and Director DAY'S Recruitment Ltd.





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