• Catherine Day

Life during lockdown

Updated: Jan 31

Lockdown. Where to start!

Telling my daughter she cannot see her friends or her family has been the worst!

She is so used to going on adventures and trips - particularly with her Nana and Gransha, so not seeing them for days or weeks on end has been heartbreaking for her. They are also missing out on seeing my son grow up properly - he is almost one now.

I know so many are in the same situation and managing as best they can, but Is anybody else feeling guilty and sad?.

Knowing that my inlaws, parents and our siblings are missing out on so much is breaking my heart...BUT, better days are coming!

So what was the reason for this blog? It's quite simply this.... you never truly know how someone is feeling about a certain situation, and feeling vulnerable is okay. Being emotional and wearing your heart on your sleeve is ok too. Reaching out for help and support is admirable, not weak.

Lockdown life is causing chaos, and keeping families apart is bound to take its toll. I know it is in our house.

Seeing our family is so important, and we cannot wait for the kids' grandparents and great grandparents to get vaccinated.

But if you are feeling lonely or down, please reach out. Why not head over to our Facebook ™️ group 'Impact Learning with Cath and Rob', where you will be to connect with like minded individuals, whilst also learning new skills.

Until next time.


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