• Catherine Day

Food glorious food!

Make no mistake, I'm a foodie!

Having spent my entire career working in plush hotels and restaurants, I acquired a taste for the finer things in life; 5* holidays, outstanding service and you guessed it, exceptional FOOD.

Sampling the cuisine of a restaurant is one of my favourite past times, so why should being in lockdown prevent me from exploring the mouth watering delights of near by venues?!

Having spent several weeks seeing 'Purple Sage Kitchen' (Bridgend) post their dishes onto Instagram, I decided to order....and boy am I glad!

From the Scotch egg and Piccalilli, to the Buttermilk Chicken and Gravy - it was outstanding! It is also worth mentioning, as someone who prefers fish to meat, that I would highly recommend their tapas!

So, where next?

All I know is that I cannot wait for normality to resume, as the culinary delights of Devon are calling me!



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